Restorative yoga & massage


Saturday, March 14th / 3pm-5pm / 35€
Restorative Yoga & Massage
with Josephine and Sandra


Restorative Yoga is a very gentle form of Yoga, practiced mainly on the floor. We breath for 5 to 10 mins in each pose, through a series of 6-8 poses, often supported by props. 

In this workshop we wanted to help you to go even deeper into the poses by offering massage to each of you in each pose. Our massage therapists, who are also Yoga teachers, will know exactly where to invite your body to sink deeper into the stretches and where to help you release tension.

We also use the tool of aromatherapy. Different essential oils will be used for each phase of the practice, inviting you to unite all your senses and sink into a deep state of relaxation.


On the physical level massaging the muscles in those passive stretches will bring an immense sense of relief to the myofascial net (the superficial net which covers our whole body, where tension and knots are stored).

On a mental and emotional level, this workshop will help you to ground yourself. Often in gentle Yoga practices, our minds tend to wander off leaving us feeling like we weren't really present. Adding the powerful tools of touch and aromatherapy will keep you connected to the 'here and now', to your body and will in turn leave you feeling totally relaxed and recharged. 

Price: 35€ / Early Bird: 30€ (first 2 sign-ups)

Teachers: Josephine & Sandra
Language: English/Portuguese/French