We are partnering with Underdogs Gallery to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience. Practicing Yoga is a unique space, completely transformed from top to bottom for the exhibition. You'll be taken through a full Yoga flow followed by a brief guided tour of the exhibition.


About the artist: JonOne
"The roots of JonOne's artistic practice lie in his past as a pioneer graffiti writer in New York, in the early 1980s. The act of repetitively writing his own name, his tag, as the expressive essence of his personal and creative identity, forms the basis of his oeuvre. An act that captures for posterity the physicality and impetus contained in the dynamic performative gesture that lies behind his improvised and highly energetic form of calligraphic painting, one that lays down in raw strokes an obsessive and repetitive hypnotic rhythm that plays with memory and heritage, cause and effect. The seemingly abstract, even arcane result of JonOne's painting speaks of who the artist is and where he came from – the endless lines, drips and splashes conveying something of his personal history and experience, self-awareness and assurance. His richly textural works are a testament to his own radical artistic freedom, to his fervent, poetic sensitivity, to the motion and speed that shaped him as a creative vandal, forming a stage where he plays out the aesthetics of light, colour and vitality."
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Rua Campo de Ourique, 18-18A

1250-061 Lisboa

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