Women' Healing

Woman Hiker


You can live a life fully embodied and thrive


"Are you ready to live in your feminine flow?

It’s time for you to connect to the infinite power inside of you.

Let’s make it happen; together. Reclaim your power, live in alignment with your menstrual cycle, and come home to your feminine flow.  

Do you feel you struggle throughout the month, and that your period holds you back? Do you feel that you are always on the go and struggle to take some time out to rest and receive? Do you feel you are always giving, and each month your left feeling exhausted and fatigued?

I’m Samantha and I live to work with women like you. 

Together, we’ll re-connect you to your feminine power so you can start living in flow.

Together, we’ll discover old beliefs or patterns that are holding you back from the life you truly desire. It’s time for you to discover your inner wisdom and live a life filled with abundance, love and freedom.

Are you feeling lost and frustrated, not sure how to move forward and need some support? 
Do you want to dive deeper into your menstrual cycle, understand what your body goes through each month and start living in flow?
If you are ready for change and willing to commit 100%, you have come to the right place
I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been there and I'm so excited to help you and get you back to being the best version of you."


Samantha offers Embodiement Coaching and hosts Women Circles at Urban Bliss.