Sound HealingTraining
20h Certified Training in Sound Meditation and Crystal Bowls


Welcome to a 20 h Certified Training in Sound Meditation and Crystal Bowls. This course is designed to introduce you into the world and wisdom of Sound Meditation & Sound Healing on a scientific, practical and spiritual level.


This is a container where SCIENCE meets MAGIC!

Medical Doctor, Sound Therapist and Yoga Therapist Alizz (Lisa Schuster) will guide you through the knowledge about Sound. Early in her medical studies she suffered from a chronic pain syndrome which left her feeling powerless as the Western Medicine didn’t have answers to her dis-ease. Eventually she started looking for other possibilities to find healing. That’s when she discovered music and sound which had a powerful impact in her healing journey. 


Ever since she graduated it is one of her life’s missions to bring the theory and the frequencies of Sound out into this world.

So more people can heal.

So more people can find peace.

So more people can live their purpose.


Doctor Lisa will guide you through a journey of Sound Meditation & Sound Healing, the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of it. 

We will explore the scientific parts about it and the energetic ones as well. 

We will discover the range of instruments which can be used and how to build up your unique Sound Meditations & journeys using the frequencies and magic of Sound.


We will start to discover our own voice and the power it has on our as well as on the system of others! Our voice is one of the most potent instruments!


You will have a practical part to learn how to use Tibetan and Crystal Bowls and other instruments that speak to you, how to play and maintain them. 

Can’t wait to share this and so much more with you in this immersion!