sacred sexuality Tantra & WEEKEND IMMERSION

Weekend May 23rd & 24th / 12pm-8pm 
Sacred Sexuality & Tantra
Presentation Lecture on Thursday, May 7th 8.15pm
FREE on donation


Sexual energy is the base energy which fuels the whole being’s functioning; the creative capacity, the intellectual prowess, the affective potential, the will power, even spiritual aspiration, all derive from this initial, primary force.

The essence of the teachings is a method of channeling this otherwise undirected and sometimes misguided energy and using it for achieving greater potential. Emphasis is also placed on re-evaluating relationship, and replacing the idea of sexuality as a method of simply gaining pleasure with a method for connecting deeply and reaching higher states of consciousness.

For couples of all genders and single people who wish to make a deep investment in their body's sexual and spiritual potential. Discover the foundations of a healthy affective relationship based on Sacred Sexuality. You will experience an energy boom and get practical tools to use in everyday life to live a healthier and more energy-filled life and sexuality - first with yourself, and then with the people you care about.

- History of Sexuality and Repression Through Time
- The 5 Archetypes of Affective Relationships
- Osho Active Meditations (neotantric meditations to elevate your life energy)
- Reconnective Massage (non-genital massage to reconnect the body)
- Orgasmic massage (genital massage to elevate pleasure to another level)
- Tantric Dynamics (pair dynamics for everyday life)

This workshop will be held by experienced professionals in a safe environment, you do NOT need any experience and it is totally open to single people. If that is the case, we will find a couple that makes you comfortable or we will invite someone from the therapeutic area to be your partner.

Nudity only happens during massages and with respect to your individual space. There are no collective nudity dynamics.

Price: 210 euros (for singles) / 360 euros (for couples)

*** 10% discount if paid before 03/04/2020 ***

Language: Portuguese/English

Teacher: Carolina

Rua Campo de Ourique, 18-18A

1250-061 Lisboa

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