Quantum Flow


What is the Quantum Flow Method


The Quantum Flow method is a fusion of ancestral techniques that have helped millions of people achieve higher states of consciousness, and cutting-edge science and technology that biohacks our whole system to achieve the best results in the fastest way possible. This alchemy of modern methods and ancient wisdom creates unimaginable transformation that has the power to shift humanity into a new era of consciousness and inner mastery.

 The Quantum Flow practice combines breath, movement, sound, meditation and mindset. In order to release blockages and create inner flow, we work deeply on our core, it's a body and soul work through movement.

The Quantum Flow Method helps rewire the connection between your mind and the nervous system, releasing muscular tension and cleansing your organs to ensure your body and mind – your physical manifestation – is ready for alignment with your highest self.


You’re no longer thinking about what you want to achieve, or ‘trying’ to do it, you’re beyond the limitations of matter. You’re in the quantum field.



Verena teaches weekly classes at Urban Bliss


The experience has been described by her students:



 “My Quantum flow practice offers me an extraordinary connection with my body, my mind and my soul. It is a time for me to connect with my deepest self, to gain clarity about my intentions and to unleash my most beautiful and powerful energy. It is a space where both my physical, practical and spiritual self can co-exist and thrive. Verena’s classes combine trust, connection, playfulness and experimentation, while she masterfully guides everyone in a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-empowerment!”

- Silvia


"I am really blessed to work together with Verena, being guided by her through Quantum Flow Sessions. Each of them I never will forget, they supported me very efficiently in changing and evolving my perception, my way of being and my life deeply! Every session is unique, One of the aspects I love is that whatever is needed at each moment will be seen and felt by her. She leads with grace, ease, joy and so much love that immediately a space opens up where I feel safe, accepted and able to open up deeper than expected. Verena also gives space for myself, to follow my body and my energy, she adapts always to how I feel. At the same time she has this amazing talent to guide me just enough to overcome resistance, transform and release. With her loving vibration she is anchoring a safe space and gives every support by practical sharing of technique, food, breathing and much more. Verena with all her life experience and joyful yet powerful energy is a unique and beautiful soul for who I am infinite grateful to have her in my life and to be able to work with her again and again.”

 - Julia


“Quantum Flow for me means to perceive my body and my energy from a complete new side and to be able to work with that. Even if it is sometimes turbulent around me, with Quantum Flow I’m able to come back to me, release emotions and formulate new, positive intentions. Verena’s empathic and open-heart nature helps me to open up to this process and to create new experiences. In our 1x1 sessions she has a perfect feeling for what I need in that particular moment. After our sessions I feel free, energetic and inspired. I learned to appreciate the conscious use of breath in Quantum Flow. Breath work used to be hard for me before. Since I started Quantum Flow I realize how I integrate the breath work more into my daily routine and how I can feel its positive effect on my body and on my nervous system right away.” 

- Corina