1-3 people

Our owner, Josephine offers private classes in-studio, outdoors or online. 1-2-1 or small groups (up to 3 people).

Why choose a private session?

  • You're a beginner & want to learn the basics 
    Learn the basics to develop a safe & enjoyable practice that will allow you to feel confident in taking group classes. We will work on the foundations of Yoga: breath, correct alignment of poses, sun salutations, how to adapt the practice to your own body, etc.

  • You want to work on specific goals or needs
    Yoga has so much to offer which is why it can be adapted to specific goals or needs that you may have, whether those are physical, mental or spiritual.

  • You have health issues or injuries
    As Yoga teachers we are taught to adapt our classes to our students, whether they are suffering from a chronic health issue, a specific injury or they want to focus on something that bothers them (eg. hip tightness).

  • You want to work on your mental health in a safe environment
    Josephine has trained and is continually working with her mentor, to offer Yoga Therapy for Mental Health. She specialises in Yoga Therapy for anxiety, Yoga for eating disorders & depression. Yoga can be a very powerful tool to support healing & recovery. Please get in touch if this resonates with you.

  • You want to develop a self-practice
    As much as we love group classes, as teachers, we want to educate our students to eventually develop their own self-practice. Private sessions can help you develop the knowledge & confidence to achieve that.

  • You want to incorporate yoga in your strength training
    Yoga is a holistic practice, meaning that it involves all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. This dimension can bring real benefits to one's physical or sports practice by enhancing their performance. 



  • 1 class: 25€

  • 5-class pack: 110€

  • 10-class pack: 220€
    +1 or 2 people: 10€
    (So 1 class for 3 people: 35€ - coming down to 11,70€/person)