our philosophy

our mission


We live in a society where "achieving" is glorified, stress is encouraged and being who we are, doing what we do is never enough. Yet we are consistently told that high levels of stress can be highly harmful to our overall health. Once again, leaving us feeling like we are not doing it right, and very often leading to unkind thoughts, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and resulting in unhealthy behaviours.
Therefore, here at Urban Bliss, we want to create a space where you can feel at ease, where you can decide what is best for you: we want to give the power back to YOU. Through the practice of Yoga, we want to encourage you to listen to yourself, to find what self-care means to you in every given moment.
Yes you CAN spend the whole Flow class in child's pose (how awesome is that!).

mind-body practices


All our classes are mind-body based practices. What does that mean? It means that our studio is not a fitness studio nor a gym.
At the core of the practice of yoga are some essential concepts that allow us to reconnect to our "true" self. Yoga has been shown to help prevent & manage symptoms of many physical, mental & emotional illnesses when practiced wholeheartedly. That is what we, as teachers and holistic therapists, try to share at Urban Bliss.
Much of the Yoga taught in our Western societies has lost the true essence of the practice and is very much focused on mainly the physical body, making Yoga yet another way of shaping & controlling our bodies.
We want to move away from that & bring to our students the full spectrum that Yoga teachings have to offer (such as kindness, compassion, non-judgement) to help guide us back to what truly matters: connection, love, peace & health.