Founder of Urban Bliss
Yoga Teacher
Yoga for Eating Disorders

Massage Therapist
Relaxing, THerapeutic (deep-tissue), Kobido

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"My passion for well-being started in my early adulthood. I had to learn the hard way that my mental and physical health was entirely my own responsibility. After trying out several career paths (design, psychology, cooking), I decided to make guiding others on their own path to wellness and inner joy, my life's purpose. I took the time to find myself, through inner work, traveling and connection. Did my first 200hr yoga teacher training at World Peace yoga school with Dhirendra Singh in Rishikesh, India in 2017 then a 300hr one in the French Alps with Simon Park and other incredible teachers (Noelle Connolly, Joan Hyman, Klara Puski, Angela Quinn, Gwyn Williams, to name a few) in 2019. In the meantime I started teaching Yoga part time and continued to get education through my personal practice and studies, workshops and trainings such as: Prenatal Yoga with Florence Cevaer (Martine Texier method), Forrest Yoga and Bodywork with Jambo Truong. I am also trained in holistic massage (Balinese, Swedish and Japanese Face massage).

I teach strong, creative and dynamic Vinyasa flow, sweet and mellow restorative yoga and meditation at UB. Well-being is about cultivating physical, mental and emotional balance which is why I like to explore the self in all aspects in my practice and teachings.
I am also a one-on-one Yoga teacher for those suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and more specifically eating disorders. I have grown out of my own disorder and learnt to use Yoga as a tool to support my mental balance and wellbeing, I am now supporting and guiding others in their own journey to holistic wellbeing. My mentor and teacher Jennifer Kreatsoulas, Yoga Therapist and author of "Body Mindful Yoga" (yoga4eatingdisorders.com) has been helping me to develop my skills to support my students in the best possible way. More info about this work here.

I believe in taking each day at a time and taking the time each of those days to check in with our Self: deep connection to our intuition and inner self is the path to holistic well-being."

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Yoga Instructor
Yoga Therapist
Co-Founder of Yoga Ways

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"The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships." T.K.V. Desikachar

"French born, happy mother of 3, I live in Lisbon with my family. I have spent last 20 years in Asia, where my passion for Yoga has become a lifestyle. 

I am a trained Yoga Therapist and founded my own school of Yoga (Yoga Therapy - Yoga Ways). I love helping my students to take ownership of their health  & deal with issues such as back pain, migraines or insomnia with less medical support. 

I also teach group classes at Urban Bliss Lisboa Studio (Campo de Ourique) and Online (Zoom with video monitoring). Classes are always in small groups providing highly personalised advice to all my students."

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Yoga Teacher

Massage Therapist
Traditional Thai, Foot Reflexology, Sound Massage

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I am Sandra, Thai Massage Therapist and a Yoga teacher. I am currently based in Lisbon and I am an in-house Teacher and Massage Therapist at Urban Bliss.

I have always been fascinated with bodies and after finishing my studies in Journalism, over a decade ago, I decided to start exploring the mind-body connection that Yoga and Thai Massage have to offer.  This was an incredible journey of self-exploration and reconnecting with myself, as I suffered from severe anxiety and stress and Yoga has helped me to restore my natural balance. And so I decided to share this incredible tool with others and help them on their own personal journey. 


My qualifications include a Teacher Training with Aditya Yoga School in London, a Yin Yoga certification with Norman Blair and several immersions on anatomy and restorative Yoga. I have been teaching Yoga in London since then and now ready to share the love in Portugal. 

I have also completed an advanced diploma in Thai Massage Therapy (North Thailand traditional style), Thai Foot Massage (with reflexology) and Myofascial release from the School of Thai Yoga Massage in London. 

Additionally I am a sound therapist and work mainly with singing bowls but also other wonderful magical instruments to help restoring your balance and well-being. 

I consider myself an eternal student and a bit of a learning addict! I deeply believe in the incredible benefits that these powerful ancient healing practices have to offer and will continue to deepen my studies in the years to come.



Massage Therapist
Ayurvedic Massage, Ayurvedic Powder Massage

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Me chamo Ayalla Queiroz e sou Naturopata Ayurvédica pela Associação Luso- Brasileira de Medicina Ayurveda e aluna de Clínica Ayurvédica pela Escola Yoga Brahma Vidyalaya. Originaria do Brasil, sempre fui apaixonada pela natureza e por tudo quanto ela pode nos proporcionar. Como uma grande mãe, de infinita sabedoria e imensurável amor, ela nos sustenta, nos nutre e nos cura.  Em 2004 conheci o Yoga e, consequentemente, a Ayurveda. Em 2012, após enfrentar alguns problemas de saúde, decidi aprofundar os meus conhecimentos e adotar um estilo de vida que me libertasse totalmente desses desequilíbrios. Após observar o quão benéfico é viver conscientemente e ter autoconhecimento suficiente para quebrar padrões comportamentais e viver em harmonia consigo mesma, decidi em 2017 abraçar a minha missão: ser um vetor, ser um agente transmissor dos ensinamentos ayurvédicos, e mostrar às pessoas que apesar das dificuldades de se viver em uma grande metrópole, é possível viver harmoniosamente e em equilíbrio com a nossa própria natureza.


Je m'appelle Ayalla Queiroz et je suis naturopathe ayurvédique certifiée par l'Association luso-brésilienne de médecine ayurvédique et élève du cours de clinique ayurvédique de l'école Yoga Brahma Vidyalaya. Originaire du Brésil, je suis depuis mon enfance entourée par la nature et passionnée par tout ce qu'elle peut nous apporter. En 2004, j'ai découvert le Yoga et par conséquent, l'Ayurveda. En 2012, après avoir fait face à des problèmes de santé, j'ai décidé d'approfondir mes connaissances et d'adopter un style de vie qui m'a totalement libéré de ces déséquilibres. Après avoir pris conscience de combien il est bénéfique de vivre consciemment et d'avoir suffisamment de connaissance de soi pour briser les schémas comportementaux et vivre en harmonie avec soi-même, j'ai décidé en 2017 de débuter ma mission : Être un agent de transmission des enseignements ayurvédiques et montrer aux gens que malgré leurs difficultés à vivre dans une grande métropole, il est possible de vivre harmonieusement et en équilibre avec sa propre nature et celle qui nous environne.

Instagram: @acasaayurveda
WhatsApp : +(33) 7 81 16 92 68



Energy Healer. Reiki

Massage Therapist
Relaxing, Therapeutic, Traditional Balinese Massage, Foot Reflexology

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I'm Holístic therapist, in the Holístic meaning of seeing the body, mind and spirit as One.
We Are Energy!
My therapy is based in Traditional Balinese Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.
Since 2010, my purpose is to start the process and make sure One's feel the Body as a safe place, releasing old energy creating space for New One to come.
Always accepting that obstacles doesn't exist to stop us, instead they offer us the opportunity to raise the vision for what there's to be seen.



Meridian Yoga Teacher