What we offer

- Relaxing Massage

- Kobido Facial Massage

- Ayurvedic Massage

- Ayurvedic Powder Massage

How to book

Contact us through WhatsApp


with your massage of choice and availibility

Our Prices

30' massage: 25€​

60' massage: 50€

90' massage: 70€

120' massage: 90€

For one type of massage only.

60' - 140€

90' - 190€

valid for 3 months.


Possibility to mix & match

60' - 230€

90' - 315€

valid for 6 months.


Massage is a wonderful holistic way of relaxing the body and mind. Our therapists are extensively experienced and will tailor to your specific needs. 
Like many alternative therapies, there is a real intuitive energy exchange happening between the therapist and the client during a massage. Although sometimes styles of massages can be a good guide as to know what you are looking for, we advise that you let yourself be guided by your massage therapist, contact us for advice if you are unsure who or what style to book.