the ART Of thai massage Workshop

Introduction to
the Art of Thai Massage
Saturday April 11th / 2pm-5pm / 30€


Thai Massage is the art of giving and receiving. It is a wonderful and unique massage therapy, rooted in Buddhism and Yoga philosophy. It combines acupressure, gentle stretching, meditation and energy patterns. The slow, rhythmic compression are performed along the energy lines with the aim of relieving the receiver from aches and pains and restore the natural balance in the body and mind.



In this workshop, you will learn a simple yet effective Thai Massage routine to relax and revitalize the body and ease any discomfort or pain of everyday life. You will come away with a beautiful sequence that can be shared with friends or loved ones, regardless of the age or level of flexibility.


This is a three hour session and starts with the history and theory behind Thai Massage and why it is so effective; soon after we move on to our sequence of techniques in supine and sitting position. Be ready to re-balance your system and have fun!


Suitable to curious people that love to learn new things!

We require a minimum of 2 people. Max 6 participants.

Early Bird price: 25€ until 04/03

Teacher: Sandra

Rua Campo de Ourique, 18-18A

1250-061 Lisboa

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