Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment

What Is Reiki?

The term “reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Some practitioners describe reiki as acupuncture without the needles.

Reiki is a complementary health approach in which practitioners place their hands on or just above different areas of the body. It’s based on an Eastern medicine belief that living beings have energy fields that support their health and vitality.

Energy blocks, on the other hand, impede innate flow of energy, causing not only health problems, but also negative life circumstances like financial troubles or relationship problems, according to belief. Energy blocks of any living being can be treated, according to belief, which is why some practitioners also work on animals and plants. Reiki practitioners focus on sensing energy blocks and moving the energy for the greatest good of the client.



Health benefits of Reiki

1. Relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue

2. Helps treat depression

3. Enhances quality of life

4. Boosts mood

5. May improve some symptoms and conditions such as:

  • headache

  • tension

  • insomnia

  • nausea