The Power of Touch
Partner Thai Massage Workshop

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Saturday, May 7th / 14h-17h


Thai Massage is about touch. It is the art of giving and receiving, an act of unconditional love, of Metta (loving-kindness). It is a wonderful and unique massage therapy, rooted in Buddhism and Yoga philosophy that combines acupressure, gentle stretching, meditation and energy patterns.

 The slow, rhythmic compression are performed along the energy lines with the aim of relieving the receiver from aches and pains and restore the natural balance in the body and mind.


In this workshop, you will learn what the Thai Massage origins are and the principles of touch – how to use your hands and how to move on the floor using your whole body.


You will also learn a simple yet effective Thai Massage routine to help a friend or a loved to relax, to help with the mobility and to balance the energy (qi) in the body. This workshop is also wonderful for massage therapists or Yoga teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of the body and to gain new knowledge and tools to use on your clients.


Be ready to re-balance your system and have fun!


Suitable to curious people that love to learn new things!


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Sandra Batista – Yoga Teacher & Thai Massage Therapist

Sandra is a Thai Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher with an interest in ancient healing practices and how these can be beneficial to people in the modern world.

She started her journey with Kira Balaskas at the School of Thai Yoga Massage in London, where she completed her advanced diploma and carries on studying with different teachers.

Through these healing practices she aims to support and help people to shift from blocked emotional and mental states to a more balanced sense of well-being.