Sunday Nov. 24th - Dec. 15th / 3pm-5pm
 Single: 20€
4-week series: 70€
Beginners Yoga Series
with Josephine

Week 1: 

What is Yoga? Why do we practice?

Introduction to the 8 limbs of Yoga

Introduction to Meditation and Breathing techniques

Practice of Sun Salutation A, basic standing, seated & balancing poses.

How and why to use Yoga props.

Week 2:

Introduction to the Yamas & Niyamas

More Meditation and Breathing techniques

Introduction to and practice of Sun Salutation B, hip opening and twisting poses

Week 3:

An introduction to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Meditation and Breathing techniques

Sun Salutation A + B review

Practice of backbending and forward folding poses

Week 4:

Meditation and Breathing 

Introduction to inverted poses and core work.
Practice of a full Vinyasa Flow.


We strongly advise to attend all 4 workshops to get a real understanding of the practice. However you are welcome to attend each one separately.

Those who purchase the full 4 weeks will get a 15% discount on their first monthly unlimited membership.

Rua Campo de Ourique, 18-18A

1250-061 Lisboa

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