Do you currently feel aligned with your inner self? Have you ever felt the need to dive deeper into your passions and discover your true purpose? 
As human-beings, it is natural to have doubts and fears about the future and to question whether we are truly fulfilling our life's purpose - our duty as a part of this lifetime.

Feeling disconnected, exhausted, lost, can be the result of living a life that is not meant to be ours. Finding YOUR true purpose is the key to living a meaningful, fulfilling life. The more we connect to our inner desires, the easier life becomes because we can simply allow ourselves to grow into who we were always meant to be.
Gabriela uses astrology, as well as all the knowledge she has gained from working with people through energy & healing work, to offer guidance, to open you to wider opportunities that you may have never even considered.

The process will begin by her studying your astrological chart, stars and planets have energy and are ever-moving so depending on the way they were placed on your birth day, hour and location they will make each and every one of us entirely unique, that's the beauty of it all.
From studying your sky, she will be able to offer guidance as to areas where you thrive, feel most inspired and at-ease. The idea is to open up possibilities and start conversations that will hopefully lead to a clearer understanding of your greater purpose.
She will end the session with a time for reflexion to allow what you have talked about to sink into your being. Offered with true intent, words can be deeply powerful, which is why you should allow yourself some time to reflect on your session and to start allowing your life to unfold in the way it has always meant to be.


What some have said about her sessions:


“I have never experienced anything just like this “

"I would absolutely recommend working with her as it will give you clarity and bunch of Ideas on how you can proceed with your plans! She told me that when I turn 34 it will be more about working with groups! Well I can feel it coming. I was inspired to start my own business development group a couple of weeks ago. I had wonderful people applying, started working and as result new ideas are coming to me." - Ivana, Hypnotherapist

“Queria dizer-te uma vez mais que adorei a experiência, que despertou a minha mente de uma forma que já há muito tempo não acontecia... E sim, realmente tinhas razão, tive um sono estranho, não na noite de sábado mas no domingo, com sonhos confusos.” - Pedro, from Lisbon

“I was surprised when I met you, you have a
superability to enter in connection and physically touch. looks you touch with your soul” — G. Italy.


“Your Voice is Healing.”